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Octup delivers analytics, metrics, insights, and tools to optimize your operations, improve customer experience, find hidden cost savings, and profitably scale your brand!
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Marketing drives revenue, operations drive profit
Let Octup help you make more data-backed decisions to optimize your operations.
Octup has a suite of tools and features, including operational insights and alerts, invoice analysis, marketing alerts, unit economics, and more to help your store maximize its potential.
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Features built to optimize your operations
Consolidated Analytics
Operational Visibility
Unit Economics
Package Protection
Empower your decision making with a
full view of your business operations
through consolidated analytics
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Proactively manage operations to improve
profitability and the customer experience
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SKU-based Unit Economics to make better
pricing and discounting decisions
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Campaign-level marketing analytics to
optimize paid performance
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Improve the customer experience while no
longer losing on lost, stolen, or damaged items.
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