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Insights & Objectives
Centralize all of your ecommerce data into Octup to get a complete view of your business
Gain cross-platform view and analysis of all your data with a single login.
Get real-time insights into your business performance with Octup's AI-driven analytics.
Create automation flows easily with Octup Studio, our no-code automation platform
Save time on repetitive tasks by automating day-to-day operations.
Stay ahead of issues by setting up alerts and notifications with Octup's automated system.
Use Octup's AI to transform raw
data into meaningful insights and take data-driven action
Identify frictions in your business and get real-time actionable insights
Turn insights into objectives you can assign to team members in order to optimize
Everything your business needs, in one place
Customer Retention
Last Mile Efficiency
Get real-time visibility into
operations data such as inventory
levels, order processing times, and
production rates.
Octup includes tools for tracking and
analyzing marketing campaigns, social
media engagement and website traffic. This
allows your business to make data-driven
decisions about marketing strategies.
Dive deeper into your logistics data such as
delivery times, shipping costs, and warehouse
efficiency. This will help you optimize your business
supply chain operations and reduce costs.
We’ve gone one step further and included
features for collecting and analyzing customer
behavior and preferences. This helps your
business better understand their customers and
improve the overall customer experience.
Our platform includes tools for optimizing the final stage of the delivery process, such as route optimization and real-time tracking. This helps businesses like yours improve the efficiency of their last-mile operations and reduce delivery times!
So, why Octup?
Centralized cross vertical metric insights
Your all in one ecommerce platform.
connect to all platforms you use daily
retention efforts
With our unique automation feature you can
better understand what is happening in your
business and prevent issues before they
arise. We are your team of analysts!
Optimize for
last mile efficiency
Make better business decisions with your
data by using only one platform that
optimizes for all of your fulfillment, logistics,
operation and marketing channels
Join others already benefiting from Octup
“Octup has been a game-changer for our business! The platform’s advanced functionality has enabled us to tap into the full potential of our data and take our business" to new heights. Octup‘s seamless integration capabilities allowed us to easily consolidate our data from multiple sources and gain invaluable insights into our business. The platform’s intuitive interface made the process straightforward, and the exceptional support from the Octup team was invaluable.”
CEO at Apricoat
"If you're serious about taking your ecommerce business to the next level, this platform is an absolute must-have. The AI technology provides real-time insights and automations that have saved me countless hours" allowed me to focus on what really matters - growing my business"
Head of Online
Operations at Smartrike
"The insights and automation provided by Octup are extremely valuable.The increased visibility of our business metrics has allowed us to make more informed decisions and drive growth". Thank you for helping us gain clarity surrounding different data points that give us a better understanding of what is working and what needs to be improved."
John Michael,
at Coalatree
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