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Connect Octup directly into your system to provide clients with a full view of their operations – centralizing their fulfillment, logistics, operations, and marketing data under your brand & technology.
Why partner with us?
Drive customer growth, together
Bring in more customers by differentiating yourself from the competition and delivering a value-add product. Further, through co-selling, co-marketing, and lead sharing initiatives we will look to grow together!
Decrease Customer Churn
Lower customer frustration and increase switching costs by providing them with a technology that becomes an integral part of their everyday business operations.
Cost Savings in
Customer Service Time
By giving your clients the information and insights they need to proactively manage their business, decrease frustration and time spent solving the brands issues and complaints.
Increase Revenue
By giving customers a full view of their marketing and operations, Octup helps shared customers increase their profits by at least 5% through providing them with the tools they need to make key decisions. In turn, this will help bring in more orders to your warehouse!
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What does a partnership look like?
White Label Octup’s Technology
Leverage our prebuilt technology to immediately improve your customer offering:
  • Create a single sign on for your clients directly through your platform.
  • Our tech experts will customize the platform and ensure it meets yourexact specifications.
  • Dashboard for your management team to understand system uses, area’s that your clients are looking into, monthly performance by customers, etc.
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Partner with Octup
When you partner with Octup, you can offer your clients a sophisticated, value-add operations platform at an unbeatable price.
  • Let Octup integrate with your native technology to provide clients with up-to-date and accurate warehouse information.
  • Offer Octup to your clients at a discounted price.
  • Engage in co-selling, co-marketing, and lead sharing activities.
  • Gain referral commissions for any brand lead you bring to us.
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