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#1 Glew Alternative built for Shopify brands
Octup offers a best-in-class operating system for your business, combining marketing data with key operational visibility to help you scale.
Octup: A simple yet powerful dashboard and analytics platform
Connect your marketing, operations, fulfillment, and more data in one-click. Gain visibility into this data through pre-made, easy-to-digest dashboards and reports. Act on this data through AI-powered insights that deliver key recommendations.
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One-source-of-truth for your Ecommerce data
Centralize your Ecommerce data in our all-in-one operating system for Shopify brands. With just one-click of a button, you can have a source-of-truth that timely collects your Shopify, marketing, and operations data – yes, invoices included, all in one platform.
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Marketing and Operational KPIs at your fingertips
Ditch the time-consuming spreadsheets with Octup’s easy-to-use dashboards which deliver crucial cross-department metrics that allow you to better monitor and analyze your stores performance. Get pre-defined metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost, Return on Ad Spend, SLA Status, warehousing costs and more.
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AI-powered insights to act on your data
Octup’s AI-powered engine sits on top of your data and acts as your team of analysts to deliver real-time alerts, frictions, opportunities, and growth.
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Gain a deeper understanding of your Unit Economics
Pulling in data from multiple sources, we give you a live view of your Unit Economics on a per SKU basis to make better pricing and discounting decisions. Simulate how changing costs or pricing will affect your bottom line, helping you get the information you need to make key decisions.
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