#1 Glew alternative for Shopify
and Amazon brands
Feeling boxed in by Glew's limited analytics capabilities? Let's change that.
Discover Octup, a true partner for your brand.
Unlike Glew, Octup is rooted in cutting-edge technology. We're not just a set of ready-made templates, we're a tool built to empower, adapt, and evolve alongside your business. Glew's custom reports might seem restrictive, especially with an additional cost of $150 per hour for each one. With Octup, you're in control. Our self-serve, drag-and-drop functionalities give you the power to build custom reports that suit your needs, at no extra cost.
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Where Octup is better for Amazon and
Shopify Brands than Glew
Integrate all your eCommerce data in one click
Ditch the time-consuming spreadsheets. Centralize all your eCommerce datasources in one click. We support all the major connectors of Shopify brands. No need to maintain a data-pipeline or setup a data-warehouse, we have it covered for you.
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Instantly calculate and track your core KPIs
We've built pre-defined dashboards so you can visualize important metrics that help you monitor and grow your store: Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, and Retention Cohorts. You can also personalize the charts as much as you want, with your own metrics definitions.
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Set your goals and align your team
Enter your targets for any metrics. Octup will automatically convert your targets to comparable data. Transform yearly goal in daily objective, or compare progress against absolute goals like hitting your first $10M in sales.
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Never miss anything with alerts
You can set manual alerts on your most important KPIs: drop in conversion rate, increase in Customer Acquisition Cost, etc. or you can rely on our Artificial Intelligence to do that for you. You will receive these alerts instantly by e-mail or Slack.
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Build your own reports seamlessly
Go beyond ready-made templates and tap into all the data connected by Octup to create your own metrics and custom reports. Create a single source of truth of business metrics with Octup.
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