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Increase retention and lifetime value for your
e-commerce business
The most robust views on retention and repeat orders
Calculate Customer Lifetime value automatically
The first step to improve retention and lifetime value of your client is to measure it! With Polar, it happens is seconds - you just need to connect your Shopify or Amazon account to discover your CLV, broken down by average lifetime orders and average order value.
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Measure the evolution of LTV over time
See your LTV over 30, 60, 90 or 365 days. Measure the improvements from the first purchase to identify how much exactly you should spend in Marketing.
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Monitor and Improve your sales and customers cohorts
Visualize how lifetime value evolves for each cohorts of client you acquire. This helps you quickly identify improvements or issues in retention.
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See which products drive loyalty
Get LTV by product. Sync directly with Shopify or Amazon to get LTV by product type, SKU or first variant purchased. Identify the products that drives loyalty the most and feature them to boost retention!
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