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Discover hidden savings in your data
Our invoice ingestion system meticulously analyzes each invoice, categorizing expenses and detecting any overcharges or concealed fees, enabling you to reclaim these amounts from your suppliers.
Underoutfit, a rapidly growing Ecommerce brand, faced escalating costs while operating with a lean team, making it challenging to scrutinize every invoice for accuracy. By adopting Octup’s invoice ingestion system, they uncovered overcharges leading to monthly savings of up to $40k.
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Save 12+ hours a week
With automated and consolidated reporting, metrics, and insights, Octup allows you to grow while keeping a lean team, helping you operate more efficiently. Say goodbye to hours spent in spreadsheets!
Large retail brand Bubble Skincare was rapidly growing their Ecommerce presence and had difficulty managing their online data. With Octup, their team was able to continue scaling rapidly while staying lean and save up to 12 hours per week.
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Optimize your operations to grow profitably
Don’t choose between growth and profitability; do both with Octup. Keep a close eye on your operations metrics, actively track and adjust your marketing performance, and understand your per SKU profitability to improve pricing decisions. 
Malbon is a fast-growing, lean Golf Apparel company making waves in the industry. They had perfected the marketing side of the business, but management wanted to improve their operational performance. With Octup, they were able to leverage the alerts to improve customer experience, increase returning customer % and see a huge jump in customer LTV.
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Monitor your marketing spend with ease
Centralize your marketing spend to effortlessly oversee performance, prioritize channels, optimize segments, and pinpoint the key factors of your success.
Apricoat is a DTC brand providing customers with unique outdoor adventure gear. In early 2020, they were scaling rapidly with a major focus on paid ads. However, after iOS and other changes to their go-to marketing platforms, it became more difficult to succeed in a growingly competitive environment, as well as properly track their marketing performance. Leveraging Octup’s partnership with Blotout, Apricoat was able to stabilize and improve their ad performance , managing and optimizing their ad-spend on a campaign level to greatly improve their ROAS and overall performance.
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