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Save time while managing Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other marketing channels
Easily check total marketing spend everyday
Octup aggregates all your marketing spend automatically. You can monitor every day how much you spent and add alerts to make sure the volume doesn't go above budget.
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Surface and calculate CAC, ROAS and LTV automatically
Calculate your revenues net of product costs, map conversions to costs and monitor effectively your Acquisition Costs and ROI of your marketing spend. Polar takes care of the mapping and aggregation for you!
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Identify optimisations, no effort needed
Quickly see marketing segments to expand and segments to optimize. You can set up Slack alerts on any metrics to identify an absolute value reached (i.e. acquisition costs went above target) or a relative change (i.e. Cost per add to cart increased abnormaly in the last 3 days).
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Get daily snapshot on Slack or email
Get LTV by product. Sync directly with Shopify or Amazon to get LTV by product type, SKU or first variant purchased. Identify the products that drives loyalty the most and feature them to boost retention!
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